Mekom Portable

The healthcare ICT hand case for the very last mile

The health information system infrastructure packed up in a portable case that travels everywhere with healthcare teams.

Health workers connect to Mekom Portable’s ad-hoc wireless network and start working from anywhere.


Our entry version of Mekom Portable, intentionally “DIY”, supports frontline healthcare workers in rural Haiti.

Very low resources health facilities (with little to no ICT infrastructure, unreliable electricity, unreliable to no Internet access);

Mobile clinics (community visits led by healthcare teams, transient socio-medical activities);

Humanitarian relief operations (refugee camps, disaster zones, war zones).

Offline maintenance and monitoring

Mekom Portable is intentionally “DIY” thereby allowing anyone to undertake maintenance tasks with minimum guidance (provided beforehand or over the phone). It accommodates situations where sourcing electronic parts is challenging by embedding common, off-the-shelf, devices that can be ordered easily.

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