Open digital health is a pillar of universal access to healthcare.
And we are committed to building it.

Our People

Dimitri Renault


Romain Buisson


Nathan Ruhanga

Software Team

Emmanuel Nyachoke

Infra Team

Vineet Sharma

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Ian Bacher

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Paul Adams

Implementation Team

Lawrence Kazooba

Implementation Team

Daud Kakumirizi

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Suruchi Dhungana

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Kipchumba Bett

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We commit and we encourage our clients to align with the open-source principles of shared roadmaps and transparent decision making processes. We believe that healthcare standards are a Global Good that shall benefit all.


We deliver sensible and appropriate solutions by organising a sound work environment where Mekom’s professionals and clients are encouraged to deploy together their potential, expertise and creativity.


We research, assess and select cutting-edge technologies to build innovative and disruptive solutions that make a difference in open digital health, and we actively promote and share them within the open source communities we belong to.


We encourage fluid and effective relationships inside our team, with our clients and across a respectful and solid network of partners. That is how we make synergies arise to reach and maintain the highest standards of quality and sustainability of our solutions.


Mekom was founded in 2012 while working on our first tech-related projects in Southeast Asia’s Mekong region. In late 2014 Mekom was for the first time commissioned to implement and customize an EMR system for a children hospital in Laos. By 2017 Mekom had expanded its operations to Cambodia, and by 2018 was supporting projects in Bahrain, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The year 2019 marked a growth shift with the first provision of services and consultancy for the humanitarian sector and for global reach organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Bank.

Today Mekom is seen as an essential and impactful contributor to OpenMRS alongside AMPATH and Partners In Health with whom we have released OpenMRS 3.0 in 2021.

Technology Milestones

Releasing alphas of Ozone HIS

Getting very close to a first beta of Ozone HIS after no less than 8 alpha releases. By the end of 2023 the architecture of Ozone HIS is now set.


An open-source entreprise-grade complete health information system with OpenMRS 3 as its central EMR system component.

Releasing alphas of OpenMRS 3.0

The novel generation of OpenMRS distributions, with a thoroughly designed user experience and built on modern frontend technologies.

Mekom Portable

The last mile is not limited anymore to community health tools, it welcomes entire health information systems fitted in a sturdy portable case.

openmrs-eip and dbsync

Bringing Entreprise Integration Patterns and Apache Camel to OpenMRS integration endeavours. dbsync allows for OpenMRS-OpenMRS data exchange.

Data Filtering and Multi-tenancy with OpenMRS

Introducing Data Filter, a module that enables the configuration of data filtering mechanisms. Stringent data protection policies are supported, including multi-tenancy.

Single Sign-On with OpenMRS

Getting OpenMRS entreprise-ready with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect authentication schemes.

OpenMRS and Bahmni Continuous Delivery with OCD3

A reusable and generic OpenMRS and Bahmni-focused continuous delivery platform made with Jenkins.

Dockerising OpenMRS and Bahmni Distributions

OpenMRS backend configurations become part of a set of deployable artefacts embedded in Docker-ready distributions.

OpenMRS Attachments module

Our first meaningful contribution to OpenMRS 2.x with a module to manage patients documents and attachments.