Celebrating 10 Years – Mekom Solutions Anniversary

A new year, a new look. We are thrilled to celebrate Mekom’s 10th anniversary with a brand new company image. We have redesigned our logo and website to better reflect our company’s identity and everything that we have accomplished the past decade in the digital health space.

Ten years ago we started as a small IT services venture on the banks of the Mekong river, the transboundary river in Southeast Asia, that inspired our company name: Mekom Solutions. Back then our first goal was to offer affordable and reliable digital solutions to the emerging Laotian private sector.

A couple of years later, still in Laos, we were commissioned for the first time to implement and customize a patient management solution for a children’s hospital, built on OpenMRS, the open-source electronic medical record system. That’s how at the end of 2014 we made our first steps into the OpenMRS Community. 

In 2017 we had expanded our operations to Cambodia thanks to USAID Cambodia and Development Innovations Cambodia; and by 2018 we started supporting projects in Bahrain, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The year 2019 marked yet another growth shift for our company with our first provision of services and consultancy for the humanitarian sector and global reach organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Bank. 

We have grown to become an essential and impactful contributor to OpenMRS alongside AMPATH and Partners In Health with whom we have released OpenMRS 3 in 2021. The next generation of the OpenMRS EMR, designed to unlock further global collaboration at even bigger scales. Last year was a turning point for Mekom. We have developed our very own products: Ozone HIS and Mekom Portable, both reflecting our mission to bring digital health solutions anywhere and our vision to commit to open digital health for the greater good. 

Our company is, above all, defined by our ever-growing team of outstanding and talented health tech enthusiasts driven by the passion to improve the lives of people everywhere. Our team has made the past decade an incredible journey of digital health innovation, and this is only the beginning.