Employment Type

Fixed term contract

Duration of employment

12 months


Digital Health

Base Salary

$ competitive

Job Location


Valid through

March 31, 2020


Mekom Solutions is searching for a Micro Frontends Tech Lead to drive a cross-organisational squad that develops the new frontend of OpenMRS.
The Micro Frontends squad of 5 developers operates between UX/UI designers and backend developers and builds out features of the next generation OpenMRS.

This role requires to achieve a high level of coordination between the various stakeholders and groups:

The Micro Frontends Tech Lead must be accustomed to open source collaborative software development with a good capability of reaching consensus on public forums or during public calls.
(S)he must be well versed in agile development processes involving large teams of developers delivering code in parallel.

The current in-progress development leverages single-spa as the Micro Frontends framework. This supports offering a collaborative development framework where UI components are not tied to a preferred frontend framework.

Technical Skills

  • Senior JavaScript development skills.
  • Senior React -or other frontend framework(s)- development skills.
  • Sound software architecture capabilities.
  • Experience with TypeScript.
  • Knowledge of the Micro Frontends architecture patterns / single-spa would be a plus.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills.
  • Uncompromising with testing / proficient with test frameworks and testing best practices.
  • Well versed in reviewing code, in particular on GitHub.
  • (Mostly) uncompromising with documentation.
  • Proficient with the frontend dev toolbox: Webpack, Babel, npm, …
  • Able to lead a packaging and releasing process that fits and feeds CI/CD pipelines.


Send your resumé and a short cover letter to jobs@mekomsolutions.com