Infrastructure & DevSecOps Lead

2 September 2022


Mekom Solutions is looking for a dynamic, proactive and entrepreneur-minded individual to join its management team as its Infrastructure and DevSecOps Lead. The successful applicant will work closely with the COO in driving the overall infrastructure agenda of the company and in ensuring that all production systems are operating successfully.

The Infrastructure and DevSecOps Lead will work remotely in a way that accommodates ET and/or CEST timezones and will join occasional company or clients in-person meetings as well as attend digital health fairs, events and conferences.


The Infrastructure and DevSecOps Lead will be accountable for all the company IT infrastructure that supports its revenue-generating digital health projects, which encompasses but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Respecting uptimes as stated in our SLAs.
  • Continuously improving and upgrading the infrastructure.
  • Securing the infrastructure.
  • Scaling the infrastructure.
  • Managing and leading the infrastructure team.

More specifically the Infrastructure and DevSecOps Lead will be responsible for

  • Continuously monitoring systems and services.
  • Managing the software release processes.
  • Deploying software containers with or without orchestration.
  • Maintaining close and continuous contact with all members of the infrastructure team.
    • Mentoring and unlocking all members of the infrastructure team.
    • Leading and organising standup calls.
    • Leading and organising architecture meetings.
  • Helping with Infrastructure and DevSecOps hiring.
  • Providing input and directions on architecture decisions and technology choices.
  • Liaising with Infrastructure and DevSecOps engineers and peers within Mekom’s clients and partner organisations.
  • Documenting all processes in a timely and rigorous fashion.
  • Supporting the business teams with estimates to inform projects level of effort.

Education and Skills

The successful candidate will hold master degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or Information Security; and will be able to demonstrate sufficient experience in managing a business or an organisation’s infrastructure and DevSecOps areas. The successful candidate will have good knowledge of software development, ideally for having been a software developer at some point, in order to liaise continuously with the software development teams.

Below are areas of knowledge and expertise that are sought after:

  • Expert-level proficiency in the following technologies:
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • GitHub Actions
    • Apache Maven
    • Sonatype Nexus
    • Ansible
    • Jenkins
    • Prometheus
    • EFK stacks (eg. Elastic, Fluentd and equivalent)
  • Some level of proficiency in the following technologies and patterns:
    • Semantic versioning
    • Spring, Java
    • Microservices and Spring Boot
    • Middleware and EIP technologies
      • Apache Camel
      • ActiveMQ
    • ETL pipelines
      • Debezium
      • Apache Flink
      • Apache Kafka
      • Apache Drill
    • Javascript (npm)
    • E2E Testing (Cypress, Playwright)
    • Automated QA
    • HashiCorp Consul
    • HashiCorp Vault
    • HashiCorp Terraform
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, ideally as an English native speaker
  • Impeccable verbal, written, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable with the following collaborative tools
    • Slack
    • Google Workspace
    • Notion
    • Jira


Competitive based on the candidate experience.

How to Apply

Send your resumé and a short cover letter to before November 30th, 2022.